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"Multiverse's End": Earth 3. The United States of Amerika. Centropolis

Quote1.png I'm going to live forever. As long as there's a Batman in this Multiverse, there will be an Owlman. His true dark reflection. I'm too good an idea. But you...you evil baby Batman from the Dark Multiverse and your stupid Rainbow Batmen? You're a dumb idea. And nobody is going to remember you. Quote2.png

Dark Nights: Death Metal Multiverse's End #1 is a one-shot with a cover date of November, 2020. It was published on September 29, 2020.

Synopsis for "Multiverse's End"

Earth 3. The United States of Amerika. Centropolis

Owlman captured John Stewart, the leader of the team attacking Earth 3. He knows that the remaining heroes of Justice are making a simultaneous attack to all Earths still standing in the Multiverse, to destroy the antennae which function as conduit for Perpetua to channel the crisis energy from the Dark Multiverse. But they will fail, and this was just proven by the fact Stewart was captured. Still, Owlman tells him that even if Perpetua is aligned with the philosophy of Earth 3, which is pure evil, he has a sensation: if Perpetua wins, everyone else would lose.

There would be no people to threaten, kill or trick. There would be no fun. And more than that, the fact that another took the role of the darkest reflection of Batman in the Multiverse makes Owlman go mad. He should be the one and only dark reflection of Batman. For this, he is considering to activate all the traps he already placed inside all the antennae, but if he's going to do it, he wants assurances.

Earth X. Detroit

With Guy Gardner leading the way, by one-punching a Nazi Superman with a construct made with the same frequency of Earth X's kryptonite, Kid Flash and Captain Carrot are trying to open a way to the antenna feeding Perpetua. As Iris was feeling down, hearing all the voices of dead Flashes calling her in the Speed Force, the Captain gives her encouragement, raising up her morale.

Earth 29, Earth 43 and Earth 50

In Earth 29, Bizarro World, Hal Jordan is fighting Bizarros and getting closer to the antenna. Kyle created an artificial sun to defeat the vampires on Earth 43. Simon and Jessica subdued the Justice Lords on Earth 50. But there's a problem: Earth 3, where John Stewart is, it's not responding to the contact of the other Green Lanterns, and to stop Perpetua from absorbing crisis energies, all the antennae must be destroyed.

Back on Earth 3. On Owlman's carrier

Owlman wants to know everything about Perpetua and the forces shaping the Multiverse, and he asks John explanations if he wants his help in destroying Earth 3's tower. John accepts to tell him what the League discovered: he tells him Perpetua is a being living on a higher dimensional plane, who had the function of creating a Multiverse, and then die, leaving it to grow up by itself and to be judged by the Source once the evolution was finished. But Perpetua never wanted to die: she wanted to be free to do whatever she desired. So, she planned to create a Multiverse of perennial Doom, evolving a species of lethal warriors known as Apex Predators.

With them, an hybrid between Martian and Human, she wanted to attack the Source, so that she could finally step out of her designed role. But her three sons, the Monitor, the Anti-Monitor and the World Forger, contacted the Source, which sent punishment for Pepertua: they imprisoned her in the barrier known as the Source Wall, forcing her to see her Multiverse grow without her influence. But an unexpected thing happened: the Maltusian scientists, led by Krona, messed into the reconstitution of the new Multiverse, making it a place of infinite worlds and possibilities. Seeing her Multiverse becoming more and more unstable, Perpetua started whispering in the ears of her son, the Anti-Monitor, convincing him to start what was known as the First Crisis...

As Perpetua starts her counter-attack, sending the Rainbow Batman Corps around the remaining Earths, John tells Owlman he must stop from waiting, and should act, or Perpetua will be unstoppable. But Owlman wants John to keep telling him what's behind the history of the Multiverse, and so Stewart does what he must, keeping on with the information. All the crisis were actions triggered by Perpetua's dark whispering: Parallax, Darkseid, Barbatos were all driven by Perpetua's will. But even with the crises, the heroes of the Multiverse always succeeded in preserving reality, that even reshaped came in a known form. What they could not know is that every crisis sent a shock through the Source Wall, weakening it. The Element X and the counter against the forces of the Dark Multiverse was too much, and the wall broke. Perpetua was once again free.

But this was not what Owlman wanted. He wants to know what happened to his previous versions, he wants to know if he's the original or not. And so John hands him Harbinger, an archive from the House of Heroes that will tell him what he wants. Owlman understands that as long as a Multiverse exists, he will survive, because after every crisis, an Owlman, and a Crime Syndicate with him, reformed. That was the assurance he needed to proceed, and so he betrays Ultraman and Superwoman and broadcasts a message to be heard from his former allies: Bats are not welcome on Earth 3. Then, he triggers all the traps he placed on the antennae, destroying all of them. And he also kills the evil baby Batman, taunting him for being an absolutely forgettable idea.

The Bleed. The Carrier

The battle is not over yet, but since a long time ago, the heroes have something they can be happy for. The antennae are no more, and Perpetua cannot absorb the crisis energy she needs from the Dark Multiverse, a step towards having a chance at turning things around. As they travel to Earth 0, the counter-offence against Doom continues....

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