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"An Anti-Crisis, Part III: Pick Up the Styx": Inside the Center of the Sun, New Apokolips

Quote1 I know. And I know all this is the result of our choices and the choices of those we failed. But hear me when I say regardless of blame or cause, what this universe has become... no one wants this. No one. And I will not let it stand. Today, we can reject our fate. We can reject death itself and give this universe a second chance. But only if we work together. Are you in? Quote2
Wonder Woman

Dark Nights: Death Metal #3 is an issue of the series Dark Nights: Death Metal (Volume 1) with a cover date of October, 2020. It was published on August 11, 2020.

Synopsis for "An Anti-Crisis, Part III: Pick Up the Styx"

Inside the Center of the Sun, New Apokolips

Wonder Woman, Batman and their team reached New Apokolips, where the Batman who Laughs imprisoned several of the remaining heroes in the universe, including Superman. While Jonah Hex acted as a diversion against some of the Batmen guarding the access to the place, Wonder Woman, Batman, Harley and Swamp Thing are trying to reach Superman's cell, personally guarded by Darkfather, a Batman who took on the power of the Anti-Life Equation. While they are reaching the place, Swamp Thing feels something in the Green, on Earth: the Batman who Laughs is reborn, in a form that goes beyond Alec's comprehension. In any case, says Batman, they have to complete their mission here. They will worry about that madman later.

Superman is trapped in a machine built by Mister Miracle, exposing him to different shades of Kryptonite and the Anti-Life Equation: as the different Kryptonites will kill Clark's kryptonian cells, the Anti-Life cells will either destroy him or, if he accepts Darkfather's offer, turn him into a new version of Darkseid. In fact, Darkfather thinks that's his destiny: all the Supermen in the Dark Multiverse end up being tyrants, because that's Superman's greatest fear, but also, deep in his heart, the answer to all his questions. Becoming a ruler of humanity is the only way to save them from themselves.

With the team reaching the cell, Batman was able to protect himself from Darkfather's Omega Gun, and also he was able to use the Black Lantern Ring to stop the Anti-Life cells from transforming Superman: only his left arm was transformed when he got free. Taking a personal revenge on Darkfather, Superman knocks him into the sky with a bombastic punch. While he's recovering, Batman tells Superman to stay silent about what happened to both of them during the battle against Perpetua. Diana must not know. Then, Clark informs Diana that the rest of the heroes imprisoned are right under their feet.

Meanwhile, inside the Fifth Dimension

Someway, the Main Man, Lobo, gained access to the Fifth Dimension and now he's butchering some Imps. It seems Lobo was searching for something there, something he found inside one living tree. With this, Lobo finished his research, and is ready to deliver whatever he gathered to his boss. And his boss is nothing less than Lex Luthor, former right hand of Perpetua. He reveals to Lobo that he was able to take all the Death Metals, which will be key for Lex to reshape the Multiverse.

Inside Valhalla Cemetery, the Crypt of Heroes

Someone is transporting himself inside the Valhalla Cemetery, even if it shouldn't be possible as the place is protected. The intruder names himself the Robin King, and he came to announce that his boss is coming for them: the Darkest Knight, the new form of the Batman who Laughs, steps inside, with the only mission of getting Wally West, killing him to steal his powers and the remaining energy of Doctor Manhattan living inside him. To protect him, Barry and Jay share with him the remaining Speed Force they have, running against the Darkest Knight for survival.

Back to New Apokolips

As all the heroes are free, Wonder Woman explains to them the next part of the plan: John Stewart, leading the remaining Green Lanterns, will lead a fight on the remaining Earths of the Multiverse, to destroy the antennae Perpetua uses to absorb the crisis energy from the Dark Multiverse. A team led by Martian Manhunter will go after Perpetua's throne, to destroy it and free the seven negative forces of the Universe. Meanwhile, Wonder Woman's team will sneak into Castle Bat, to use the portal that conducts to the Dark Multiverse. Once there, they will redirect the crisis energy to Wally West, who, having the power of Manhattan flowing through him, will trigger an Anti-Crisis.

But how will Diana and her team pass through Castle Bat undetected? Well, they need the greatest telepathic mind ever for protection: Jarro. The little starfish oozes with joy when he sees the man he calls his father, Batman. After an heartwarming reunion, the team is now ready to save everything and everyone.

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  • There are some continuity errors in this issue:


  • The Pararobins would say “Holy _____, Batman” as a response, which is a reference to the catchphrase Robin would say in the '66 Batman series.

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