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"An Anti-Crisis, Part VI: The Truth Machine": Earth-0, the Metalverse. The Battlefield

Quote1.png It would have made little difference. The forge dims by the moment. The creations of the one who laughs have no real souls. They have no hopes, no fears. They think only of winning. In moments, when your friends die, the fire will go dark. Quote2.png

Dark Nights: Death Metal #6 is an issue of the series Dark Nights: Death Metal (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2021. It was published on December 15, 2020.

Synopsis for "An Anti-Crisis, Part VI: The Truth Machine"

Earth-0, the Metalverse. The Battlefield

Batman and Superman lead their army against the forces of the Darkest Knight, and both agree that these could be all the soldiers he was able to create before they started destroying the Earth, stopping his powers. If they defeat this army, even if bigger in number than theirs, they will get closer to victory. And so they fight, without holding back.

Meanwhile, in outer space, the battle between Perpetua and the Darkest Knight continues. Perpetua understands that in the end her rival will win, so she tries to seduce him into a deal, telling him that if she dies, the Hands will come from the Source and will destroy everything. She does not realize that it is just what the Darkest Knight wants. He tells her that he understands how gods think: they tell humans to follow them, so that they might be saved, but in truth they are the ones in need of being saved, because they know, in their hearts, that humanity can kill them, and with the right chance will. And before killing Perpetua, the Darkest Knight tells her that right now he is talking to all whom pray to their better angels, and he's laughing in their face.

The Darkest Knight, by killing Perpetua, took the last of her powers and now stands as the most powerful being in existence. He realigns the Earth, and so he can keep on creating his Last 52 Multiverse, and with it he brings to the battlefield all his favorite soldiers. The heroes are condemned, but with faith, and a prayer, in Wonder Woman, they keep on fighting, one universe, together...

The way to the World Forge

Wonder Woman and the Main Men, clones of the mighty Czarnian Lobo, are trying to reach the World Forge, immersed in Dark Matter. They are surprised from the fact there are no hopes, no dreams, no desires living in the Dark Matter, as it is the fabric of all possibility. But after all, giving the situation the Multiverse is in, there is really no much to be surprised about. And then they realize: the only thing surviving is pure terror. And it all has the shape of the Batman who Laughs.

Lobo and his clones sacrifice themselves to allow Diana to reach the World Forge, but the journal of Carter Hall, where Lex put his project of the Truth Machine, is lost. Diana is in the right place, with the Element X shards Lobo retrieves, but cannot know what she must create to become able to fight the Darkest Knight. Darkseid and Mobius are also there, after the crisis worlds of the Dark Multiverse were destroyed, and Darkseid tells Diana there is no way she will ever win against the Darkest Knight. But then she thinks about what truth is: something that bonds everyone, and that makes everyone understand he matters, without exception. It's something that binds.

And then she looks at what was always in her possession: her Lasso. A rope which evokes the truth from whoever she binds. She understands what she must build.

Back to the Battlefield

The shadow of the Darkest Knight reigns over the whole planet, and leads the nightmare forces of the Last 52 against the remaining heroes. All seems lost. But then, they all feel something inside: all their past stories, lives, emotions connect together. They are bound to each other, and bound to the truth of their own existence. The knot has been untied. And then she appears, with the power of truth flowing through: Wonder Woman, the mightiest warrior of Earth, ready to face the worst enemy ever...

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