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Darkfather is a Batman from the Dark Multiverse who acquired the powers of Darkseid after defeating him.

"Darkfather" used to be the Batman of his world and defeated the evil god Darkseid, before taking his powers and acquiring a skin like him. He also gained mastery over the Anti-Life Equation and altered the Parademons of Apokolips into the "Pararobins", outfitting them with uniforms matching that of his sidekick Robin. He later retired after handing over the power of the Anti-Life to the Superman of his world, but joined the Batman Who Laughs' Dark Knights, in order to invade Earth 0 under a pact with Perpetua.[1][2]

The Teen Titans and Titans banded together to fight him and his Pararobins, but wound up being defeated. Darkfather and the Pararobins next fought Superman, who had recently returned from fighting Perpetua alongside the Justice League, on Earth's Moon. The battle resulted in Superman's defeat and destruction of the Moon. The Batman Who Laughs ordered Darkfather to build a New Apokolips in the core of the Sun, which had burnt out after Perpetua's battle with the League, with Superman himself being used to keep it alive. Mister Miracle was made the guardian of New Apokolips under the watch of Darkfather[1] who forcibly extracted the idea of building the Death Drive, which contained all shades of Kryptonite in existence and would kill his Kryptonian cells to make him succumb to the Anti-Life if he didn't surrender willingly. In addition, all the surviving heroes of the world were imprisoned on New Apokolips.[2]

When Wonder Woman, Batman and Harley Quinn after deciding to end the Batman Who Laughs' rule, they first infiltrated New Apokolips in order to free Superman and all the other heroes imprisoned there. Darkfather fought Wonder Woman personally as her group blasted into his headquarters and had the Pararobins attack the others. When he saw Batman trying to free Superman, he blasted him with Omega Beams from a gun, but found they had no effect. Upon witnessing Superman freeing himself, he ordered the Anti-Life Equation to kill him, but he was protected by Batman's Black Lantern Ring. Superman then proceeded to punch him, sending him flying away from New Apokolips.[2]






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