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Quote1.png The bell cannot be unrung! He is hungry... he's found us... AND HE IS COMING!!! Quote2.png
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Darkseid, born under the name Uxas, is a powerful New God who rules over his homeworld of Apokolips. He orders his uncle, Steppenwolf, as the general of his armies, and has them conquer other worlds and terraform them to resemble Apokolips.

At some point, Uxas took the name Darkseid and became ruler of Apokolips. Around 3,000 B.C, Darkseid ordered Steppenwolf to lead his armies to Earth to transform the planet into a twisted mirror reflection of Apokolips using the three Mother Boxes. However, he was defeated by the armies of the backwater planet, and a furious Darkseid banished him from the planet.[1]

In a dark possible future, Darkseid came to Earth and conquered the planet with his Parademons and the Anti-Life Equation, enlisting a brain-washed Superman as his new top lieutenant.[2]



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