Quote1.png I have become anti-life incarnate. Prepare yourselves... for death! Quote2.png
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Darkseid was the ruler of Apokolips before he went under the influence of the Black Lanterns. After he became a part of the Black Lantern Corps, he discovered that Nekron's word was the Anti-Life Equation and soon became the Avatar of Nekron.

During the final confrontation, he exploded Lobo, but did not realize that he began multiplying. He tried to stop Sinestro from finishing Mister Miracle's plan, trying to convince him that he could give him what he was searching for his whole life: oblivion. Sinestro denied the offer and used his remaining energy to use the Mother Box, Lobo's regenerating cells, and Dove's Source-infused body to wipe out the Black Lanterns and eradicate death, killing Darkseid in the process.




  • White Light of Creation





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