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Darkseid was the tyrannical ruler of Apokolips.

After millennia of endless wars between Apokolips and New Genesis, Darkseid have since sought to break the stalemate. Along with desiring the destruction of the New Gods, his ultimate goal is solving the Anti-Life Equation, a formula which will allow him to enslave the cosmos.

Some time ago, Darkseid traded his newborn son Orion in exchange for Highfather's own, Scott Free, in order to create a peace treaty between Apokolips and New Genesis. Darkseid allowed Scott Free to continue his rebellion against his rule, in order for the time that Scott's actions would break the pact between Apokolips and New Genesis and allowing Darkseid to once again wage war on the New Gods.

Darkseid enlisted Metron in intercepting a spaceship carrying the last Kryptonian, Kal-El, and Darkseid raised the infant as his own and molding him into the most powerful warrior of Apokolips. Darkseid kept Kal-El's existence under secrecy until his adopted son come to age and revealed him in a gladiatorial match against Kalibak. After Kal-El defeated Kalibak, Darkseid coldly ordered Kal-El to deliver the killing blow to his first son.

When Scott Free escaped from Apokolips and therefore breaking the pact, Darkseid begin his plans against New Genesis. He tasked Kal-El to led a battalion on New Genesis in order to plant the Omega Warhead - a weapon which carries a payload of pure Omega Force - in the heart of the planet, finally destroying the home of the New Gods. Though this victory cost the apparent death of Kal-El, Darkseid deemed his loss as a necessary one who fulfilled his purpose. Although New Genesis was rendered lifeless, many of the New Gods escaped to Earth, where Darkseid dispatched his soldiers to hunt down the refugees.

With the New Gods defeated, Darkseid focus on his search for the Anti-Life Equation. Upon later investigating Kal-El's spaceship, he discovered from its databanks that the Kryptonians were able to solve the Anti-Life Equation and that Kal-El held the key to the Equation. Furthermore, he then realized that Metron had concealed this information from him, which Darkseid then killed Metron for this deception. After learning that Kal-El is alive and well on Earth, Darkseid traveled to that planet and found Kal-El held captive by Scott Free and Lex Luthor. He then sent Luthor to the mercy of Granny Goodness and offered Free to reconsider his allegiance to him by giving him Metron's Mobius Chair.

After bringing Kal-El back to Apokolips, Darkseid had Desaad decoding the Anti-Life Equation from Kal-El while telling his adopted son the truth about his purpose, in which his biological father intended for Kal to rule Earth. Desaad succeeded in completing the Anti-Life Equation for Darkseid. With the Equation at his control, Darkseid launched an invasion on Earth and the entire planet fell under his reign, with almost the entire human population enslaved under the influence of the Anti-Life Equation.

Darkseid was eventually opposed by Kal-El and the New Gods, who managed to destroy the Anti-Life transmitter on Earth. However, Darkseid remained too powerful and seriously wounding Orion. Unfortunately for Darkseid, Scott Free arrived to aid the heroes by having Lightray to give his powers to Kal-El, empowering him to defeat Darkseid into submission. The surviving New Gods used their combined powers through The Source to exorcise the universe of Darkseid's corruption and returning him to the heart of creation where his dark soul may be purified.



  • Anti-Mother Box