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Darkseid is the supreme ruler of the planet Apokolips and an enemy of Superman.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year One

Darkseid is confronted by his son, Kalibak, over the peace treaty that Superman called for. At his son's insistence, Darkseid suggests Kalibak take Earth and kill Superman. Kalibak also notices that Darkseid has taken the Black Racer prisoner and is torturing him.

When his son is killed by Superman, Darkseid contracts Lobo to do what Kalibak could not. Instead of killing the Kryptonian, Lobo is forced to work for Kal-El, but has his own change of heart thanks to Harley Quinn and confronts Darkseid instead.

Possible Post-Brainiac Epilogue

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This section of history takes place in a timeline outside that of normal Injustice canon.
Upon beating "Classic" mode in Injustice: Gods Among Us or "Multiverse" mode in Injustice 2 with any playable fighter, the player would receive a possible alternate ending to the game's story featuring their fighter. These alternate histories should not be seen as relevant to future sequels or comic adaptations.

"The Coluan, Brainiac, was a genius without peer. But. I. Am. A God. I could not allow an errant intellect to steal the object of my vengeance. Superman refused to submit to my will, denied my conquest of Earth, and killed my son, Kalibak. He suffered and perished. But not until I told him exactly what would happen after he died. Kara Zor-El proved quite resilient, but eventually, DeSaad broke her. She is a powerful weapon--a natural leader for my new, invincible breed of parademons, cloned from the DNA of Superman himself. Superman robbed me of my blood. Now, our score is settled. That is the will of Darkseid!"




  • This version of Darkseid seems to be more caring or at least more vengeful, as he wanted to kill Superman over Kalibak's death. While the mainstream version cares even less for his offspring, and would hardly care if his son dies.



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