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Quote1 Darkseid's Apokolips. Evil in its purest form, the heart of human nature, obscured over time as something to be cast away rather than embraced. Hades, Kali, even the word "Lucifer" is an old Latin phrase meaning "morning star", "bringer of light." I'm afraid the centuries and translations have twisted Darkseid's true gifts. But before the end of days, his rapture will be the only salvation. Quote2
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Darkseid was an ancient evil. The ruler of Apokolips, he has tried multiple times to conquer Earth.

Early Life

According to Carter Hall, Darkseid have been to Earth several times and been present during, at least, some of humanity's darkest hours like the Spanish Inquisition and the Third Reich. But each time it looked like the world was about to be consumed by hatred and darkness, another force arose to send the darkness back.[1] Granny Goodness once claimed that Kali, Hades and Lucifer are all names that Darkseid's been known as on Earth. However, as Hades is an existing and separate entity, the accuracy of these claims is unknown.[2]

What is known is that Darkseid had a son, named Orion. However, the boy was raised by another being, who was as devoted to the light, as Darkseid was to the darkness. This made Orion into a powerful enemy against his father. At least once, Orion banished Darkseid from Earth.[3]

Season Ten

In 2010, Darkseid made it back to Earth, through a rift in the universe, that was caused when Clark Kent sent the Kryptonian clones to New Krypton. Taking over radio jockey Gordon Godfrey, Darkseid made himself the center of the rising anti-vigilante movement.[4] For months, Darkseid corrupted countless humans, until it was enough to pull Apokolips through space and towards Earth. Knowing that Clark Kent was the only one who could stop him, Darkseid took over the body of Lionel Luthor from Earth-2 and confronted Clark. However, as Darkseid hadn't reached full strength, Clark was easily able to win the battle. Afterwards, Clark took to the sky and was able to free humanity from Darkseid's corruption, pushing Apokolips away from Earth.[5]

Season Eleven

Darkseid might've been defeated on Earth-1, but other Earths weren't always so lucky. In the reality known as Earth-Omega, Darkseid had managed to crash Apokolips into the Earth and become corporeal. However, the Monitors threatened this reality (along with all others), forcing Darkseid to join forces with Clark (now known as "Superman"), who had been stranded on Earth-Omega. In return, Clark had given Darkseid the Crystal of Knowledge from Earth-Majestic. This allows Darkseid to create a Fortress of Solitude on Earth-Omega, something Darkseid viewed as a new beginning.[6]




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