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Darkseid was the ruler of Apokolips.

He attempted invasion of Earth multiple times, only to be thwarted by Kal-El.

He sent one of his sons, Kalibak, to attack LexCorp on Earth.[1] Kalibak retreated after facing Superman, but Darkseid sent him again along with his elites. During their raid, Darkseid personally made a deal with Lex Luthor for his red sun mote.[2] He returned to Earth to discuss a partnership with Luthor;[3] however Luthor turned against him after Uxas revealed his intentions to invade Earth.[4] Darkseid boasted that he a drive containing LexCorp's secrets, but after Superman destroyed it, Darkseid returned to New Kryption. Clark returned to his allies, where Orion revealed Darkseid was just going to try all-out assaults. They attacked Darkseid's base and Superman destroyed a Boom Tube, causing Uxas to give up.[5]






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