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Quote1 Man, I liked Darkseid better when he was the lunch lady. Quote2
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Darkseid is primarily the cafeteria worker at Sidekick City Elementary and a weekend super-villain.

Finals Crisis

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Principal Darkseid

When Principal Slade took the day off, he left Mr. Darkseid in charge, making him the acting principal. His first act was to move up finals to that day. He then gave every student detention. He was grading finals when Slade returned, acceptingly giving control of the school back to him.[1]

Superman Family Adventures

After learning that Kandor had become New Krypton, Darkseid sent a fiery meteorite to destroy Earth as a part of his plan to conquer the new planet. The Justice League tried to stop him, but through the use of his Omega Beams, he trapped them on the meteorite. As the meteorite entered Earth's atmosphere, the Super Pets responded and used their combined powers to slow the descent of the meteorite so that it could land safely. Darkseid decided to just leave, as he had work the next morning.[2]

Return to the Treehouse

Darkseid left his employment at Sidekick Elementary, but he agreed to work for Slade again, this time as a substitute teacher. His first duty was to host detention.[3]

Super Powers

Preparing for the birth of Prym-El, Lord Darkseid partnered with Lex Luthor to manipulate the young lad.[4] He sent Brimstone as an advanced agent for his invasion of Earth, but his agent was defeated by the protectors of Metropolis.[5] While the Justice League was distracted battling Luthor and Prym-El, Lord Darkseid Boom Tubed into Gotham City. He planned to conquer the city, only for multiple superheroes to confront him.[6] After they trapped his Parademons, Darkseid unleashed his Omega Beams, freeing the inmates of Arkham Asylum. The Shazam Family arrived to help, but only made Darksid more angry. Batman convinced Firestorm to absorb the Omega Beams and redirect them into the Boom Tubes. Meanwhile, Superman used of the Starro's spores to paralyze Darkseid. The Flash caused the Boom Tubes to loop, with Superman throwing Darkseid into the vortex.[7]



  • Darkseid had a good relationship with Kalibak's mother and even carried around a photo of her.[8] In New Earth, the two were married, but their legal relationship in Tiny Titans is unknown.



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