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Many Atlantean gods, creatures, and demons would come to life in this newly created realm.

Darkworld is a dimension that exists adjacent to Earth, having come into being billions of years after the cosmic being of the same name fell into a slumber, it's dark dreams creating an infinite dimension of its own due to its extreme power.


Many Atlantean gods, creatures, and demons would come to life in this newly created realm.

The magical energies (also known as mana) were produced in this dimension in excess, originally honed by ancient Atlanteans (known as Homo Magi) and Atlantean gods as their magical source. Also existing as a form of an afterlife, a slain sorcerer's mystic essence can be returned to Darkworld to await rebirth.[1]


Throughout Darkworld's history, it was controlled by both the universal consciousness of Darkworld and Calculha. Calculha was looked upon as a protector and peer of the consciousness.[2] Although the ancient Atlantean gods once held power over Darkworld, the Weaver eventually became the sole ruler over the realm after being sealed in by Arion[3]. The realm then was completely lost, and the Weaver became de-powered like his fellow gods.[4]

Points of Interest

Due to Darkworld being an infinite world[6], there are many locations within the realm. It is notably difficult to travel into new locations. Furthermore, travelling between Darkworld and to other locations outside the dimension can only be done the same way one entered Darkworld originally.[7]


  • Nexus: The converging point between Darkworld and other worlds, the pyramid structure is sentient and houses a portal that allows one to leave the dimension. Within the Nexus, death is impossible due to the nature of the portal only allowing one soul to pass at a time, with a "Keeper" forced to battle others for usage and the loser inheriting the position. After Arion became trapped in Darkworld and showed compassion, unlike any previous challengers, the Nexus rewarded his efforts by allowing him and the Keeper to use the portal at the same time.[7]



  • Because time flows differently for the unnamed cosmic entity, Darkworld's time does as well, with each year being the equivalent of 10,000 years on Earth.

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