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Darkyloseid, also known as Dark Embryo, was a monstrous giant Ankylosaurus from beyond the stars who devoured worlds.

Dark Embryo's egg travelled through the universe, landing on worlds populated by intelligent dinosaurs. It would devour all life on each world it visited, and enslave the strongest inhabitants to serve it. Once the world was stripped of life, Dark Embryo and his chosen generals would leave for another.[1]

The egg eventually landed on Earth where, after devouring Humans and his own servants, Darkyloseid consumed enough energy to finally hatch.[2] He attacked Trimyscira, but an alliance of heroic dinosaurs opposed him.[3]

Darkyloseid devoured his entire army and became seemingly invincible, shrugging off his enemies' most powerful attacks. Supersaur was only able to kill him by carrying him into space and then punching him back down to the planet below, hitting hard enough to create a new landmass.[4]



  • Intimidation: Darkylosied was able to frighten powerful and independent beings into compliance despite still being in an egg.



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