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The daughter of a Gotham Mafia boss, Darla Aquista was killed in a gang war and resurrected to be Warlock's Daughter. While capable of great evil, she reformed to become an occasional member of Shadowpact.

Mobster's Daughter

Darla was the daughter of Gotham Mafia boss Henry Aquista and disapproved of his criminal background. She attended Louis E. Grieve Memorial High School the same time as Tim Drake, who tried to get out of school on his first day as a junior. When her jock friends intimidated Tim's only friend at the school, Bernard, Tim approached them and offered himself up for a beating so his friend could get a chance to talk to Darla. Tim won the kids over as friends, and while they went to get something to eat, Bernard took his chance to talk to Darla, who expressed more interest in Tim.[1]

Her interest in Tim caused tension with her father. Her impression was that Tim was afraid to ask her out because of his Mafia connections though Tim only regarded her as a friend.[2][3] Coincidentally, Henry received a telephone call from Johnny Warlock, asking him to unleash a crime wave in the city to draw out Robin.[4]

Shortly after Tim gave up the Robin persona, Darla kissed him in front of the entire school, but Tim rejected her because of his relationship with Stephanie Brown and continued non-interest in her and began avoiding her at school. Stephanie witnessed the kiss and avoided Tim for months while she was training as Robin, partially because Bruce kept interfering when she intended to see him.[5] Tim eventually decided to give Darla a second chance and asked her to lunch.[6]

When the greatest gang war broke out in Gotham, the Odessa Mob attacked Darla's car and pulled her out. She was rescued by Tim, who urged her to go inside the school while he took care of the remaining gang members. Once everyone was inside the school, a stray bullet struck Darla, and despite the efforts of Tim and Batman, killed her.[7][8]

Warlock's Daughter

Henry took Darla's body to Johnny Warlock, asking him to save Darla. Warlock obliged, resurrecting Darla by using Henry's life energy, killing him in the process. Warlock adopted the girl as his apprentice, referring to her as his own daughter. Initially, Darla was charged with killing Robin, who she did not know was Tim. She returned to Gotham and attacked Bernard Dowd, destroying his car and threatening his life to get him to tell her where Tim was.[9] After locating Tim in Bludhaven she forced him to come stay with her by threatening his and his "uncle's" life, intending to have sex with him regardless of his protests.[10] Superboy posed as Robin, tricking Darla into thinking she had carried out her task, and she let Tim go for the meantime because she felt he needed time to adjust after seeing her murder someone before they slept together.[10] The Warlocks' victory was short-lived, as Johnny quickly determined Robin was not dead.[citation needed]

Darla helped Robin when Blüdhaven was besieged by OMACs when the criminals attacking him mistook her for one of his allies and attacked her as well.[11] Her association with Johnny Warlock brought them into conflict with Shadowpact who relocated them both to the Dark Tower for rehabilitation. She was released after a year under the guidance of another reformed sorceress, Enchantress.[citation needed]

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