Darrel Dane is Doll Man, a founding member of the Freedom Fighters.

Darrell Dane was a chemist who invented a serum which allowed him to shrink himself to six inches in height while still retaining the strength of a man of his full height (though curiously, he did not seem to weigh as much at his reduced size, and was frequently seen riding on the backs of birds). He fought crime as the Doll Man beginning in the 1940s, first solo, then as the partner of Doll Girl. Most of the details of Dane's life have not yet been revealed, but he appears not to have significantly aged since World War II.

In recent years, he was apparently confined to a mental institution, decades of size changing having affected his mind, and was more recently freed by the Freedom Fighters from a secret government installation where he and a group of similarly doll sized soldiers had been imprisoned in a miniature landscape. Dane and his fellow soldiers were trapped at their six inch height, and an attempt to restore them to normal caused them to become fused together into a monstrous gestalt form, but this situation was apparently resolved, eventually. Dane's current status is unknown.



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