Quote1 I'm your new captain, son. You believe that? "Captain Darryl Frye." Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Quote2
-- Darryl Frye src

Darryl Frye was having an extramarital affair with Nora Allen, who was killed shortly after her husband received their divorce papers. Darryl was investigating the scene at her house when a young Barry arrived home. He tried to explain to him that Nora was dead, and the evidence shows that his father killed Nora. Not wanting Nora's child to grow up an orphan, Darryl raised him.

Years after Nora's death, Barry still believes that his father is innocent. Struck by lightning, Barry was put on life support, which both Darryl and Henry refused to cut. While Barry was still in a coma, Darryl was promoted to captain at Barry's precinct and told him about it, wanting "family" to hear. He begs for Barry to wake up soon, not wanting to go through the same pain of losing another loved one, once again reminded of how much he misses Nora.

When Barry finally wakes up, Darryl is grateful, and Barry gives him his shield from his first year on the force, framed after years of seemingly being missing.

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