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Quote1 I spent my youth building up my pharmaceutical empire. A chemist with a mind for numbers, a desire for more. But there're so many mountains to climb. There was a hole inside me, a chasm that couldn't be filled. Nobody understood. I pushed my people, so maybe it was sabotage, but one of the compounds we were working on showed something... Something horrible. Something beautiful. It was me. As I should be. Joker. Quote2
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The Red Mask (real name Darwin Halliday) is a villain from an unknown universe who wants to capture Batman.

Darwin Halliday was an accomplished chemist and the CEO of pharmaceutical giant Halliday Industries. Despite his accomplishments, he felt a constant feeling of emptiness. This changed when he was caught in an explosion during a lab accident, which caused him to see that he would have becomed the Joker in a parallel universe. Since then, he became obsessed with multiversal experiments and saw the world through the eyes of the Joker multiple times, with the ultimate goal of seeing back in time, to the moment the Joker was driven to madness, so he could become, in his eyes, freed of limitations like the Joker.




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