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Daryl Gutierrez was the first Mister Bloom.

Daryl Gutierrez has lived in Gotham for years, having experienced the Riddler's takeover during Zero Year first hand. After Batman defeated the madman and reclaimed the city, Daryl wanted to make a difference himself and sought to invent a way for normal people to defend themselves against the ever growing super villain threat. Using grant money he won in an idea competition he and Duke Thomas competed in, Daryl came up with the prototypes for a seed that would be able to give its wearer a randomly generated super power. Donning the costumed identity Mister Bloom, Daryl went to the streets to make a difference, his first customer being his cousin Pete Duggio.

Daryl Gutierrez Prime Earth 0002

Daryl as Mister Bloom after the Zero Year

However, when Duggio was shot by a spooked police officer who happened upon the young man torching the building of his family's business as a means of keeping it out the hands of criminals and ne'er-do-wells, and then killed in action after his unstable flight powers failed him when he fled, causing Duggio to plummet 1,000ft to the ground, Daryl retired his identity for years, leaving the crime fighting to the rising hero Batman.

Years later, after the Joker's endgame attack on Batman and the whole city of Gotham, Daryl returned to his seeds, attempting to perfect them, once again becoming Bloom. However, one of his patients escaped and killed all the others, stealing the experimental seeds and Daryl's Bloom costume, this patient becoming the second Mister Bloom and beginning to terrorize Gotham in the wake of Batman's death against the Joker.[1]

Without his second identity, Daryl found himself under the employment of Geri Power as one of her assistants on the Batman project her company had initiated. Daryl was in charge of creating the hulking robotic batsuit for the new Batman - Jim Gordon.[2]

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  • Biokinesis: When using one of his Bloom seeds, Daryl can control bio-organic matter.[1] After removing the seed from his body, his powers appear to be a permanent side-effect. Daryl's powers allow him to affect living tissue however he desires[3] He can make cells grow, make cells die, inflict physical pain, twist or break bones, and even sense anomalies in the human body. Daryl implies his powers can heal Duke's jokerized parents[4] which thus far appears to be medically impossible.


  • Mechanical Aptitude: Daryl is responsible for designing most of Rookie.
  • Chemistry: When Daryl first experimented with giving people powers, he mixed test tubes of chemicals to get a reaction, later using his experiments for his the prototypes for his seeds.[5]



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