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Dave Gibbons (b. April 14, 1949) is a comic book artist, famous for his collaboration with Alan Moore on Watchmen.

Professional History

Dave Gibbons began his career in comics working on various action and horror titles for British publishers IPC and DC Thomson though his big break arguably came in 1977 when he was one of the first artists to be involved with the anthology title 2000AD. He drew the strip 'Harlem Heroes' for the first 24 issues before moving on to Judge Dredd, Dan Dare, Rogue Trooper, Ro-Busters and Tharg's Future Shocks, amongst others, as well as drawing Doctor Who for Marvel UK from 1979 and some material for the groundbreaking Warrior magazine in the early 1980's. He has had a successful career with DC since then, working on characters such as Green Lantern, and co-created Watchmen with Alan Moore.

Possibly the single most embarrassing period of Dave's career was the time he spent as life model for the photo-strip adventures of Big E, the superheroic editor of IPC's Tornado weekly.

Work History

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