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David Castillo was the local sheriff in Swainsville, New Mexico.

He was well-spoken and had a genuine concern for his community. He was married and had at least one son, Manuel.

After Wally West went missing near Swainsville, David confronted Tina and Jerry McGee, concerned that the Flash's presence could cause trouble for his small town.[1]

When Manuel and several other local boys disappeared, the Porcupine Man, a local legend, was blamed. David tried to calm down a mob of angry parents, armed with guns and gathering in the center of town, as well as deal with Captain Cold and Golden Glider, who had been hired by the local government to help in the situation.[2]

When word got out that the Porcupine Man was in fact the Flash, David grew angry and brought the McGees into custody for questioning, hoping to learn the whereabouts of their friend. However, David's cousin Geraldo, who was also imprisoned, informed him that he had overheard the missing boys talk about exploring a nearby cave. A rescued effort was mounted when it was learned that the cave had collapsed. The children were finally freed by the Flash, digging at superspeed.[3]