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David Chin was an acquaintance of Cayden James and Laurel Lance on Earth-1.

David Chin was an highly skilled technology expert who became interested in the Multiverse theory, gathering knowledge about alternate realities.

At some point before 2017, he met Cayden James, the leader of the hacking organization Helix and his associate, Laurel Lance.

In 2019, after the annihilation of Earth-2, Laurel Lance did not believe that his reality was gone so, along with Lyla Michaels, she tracked Chin down and asked him to fix an interdimensional extrapolator in order to return to her home universe.

Despite Chin's early refusal, he was convinced by Laurel to work for them so he used his knowledge to connect the extrapolator to Earth-2's frequency: however, the tech expert had to confirm to Laurel that her Earth had disappeared from existence.[1]

Some time later, David Chin was erased from existence along with all the Earth-1 residents after the universe was annihilated by the Anti-Monitor's antimatter wave.[2] After the rebirth of the Multiverse,[3] Chin was probably restored to the existence in the newly born Earth-Prime.


  • David Chin was portrayed by Lou Ticzon.