After signing off from his radio show, David Clark headed home and witnessed a twelve-story building crashing down. He investigated the shoddy construction and realized that the Carleton Construction Company cared more about profits than human lives, as twenty people were killed in the incident. It was this injustice which caused David to don a simple mask, a dark suit and crash Mr. Carleton's gala party as Midnight.

At the gala, he forced the partygoers, at gunpoint, to hand over their cash in order to help with the hospital bills for the victims of the collapsed building. He would once again save people from Carleton's greed, when he uncovered information about the construction company sabotaging the Tri-State Dam.



  • Visocope: A TV monitor which locates crimes.


  • Vacuum Gun: His only weapon is his secret vacuum gun, a pistol that throws a suction cup, which is connected to a self-winding reel of fine silk cord, strong enough to hold a man's weight. This device was his own invention.[1]
  • Midnight was intended as a simple replacement for Will Eisner's The Spirit. The Spirit was owned by Will Eisner, and the publishers at Quality Comics were afraid that Eisner might die on the front lines of WWII. So, Quality commissioned a similar character that could be substituted in The Spirit's place. Thankfully, Eisner survived the war, and continued to draw the Spirit, eclipsing his replacement, Midnight.


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