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David Clinton invented the Chronos-suit and used it to steal items from history that wouldn't be missed.

David Clinton was a professor at a college in the future era Gotham City who developed a time-traveling device called the Chronos Suit, enabling him to travel through time. He had been testing this device for months, stealing things from history that he knew would never be missed. His wife Enid, who saw David as a perpetual loser, found him in the garage with the suit and the artifacts he has collected, but instead of congratulating him for his discovery, she berated him for his non-use of stealing valuable treasures, despite his warning that doing such would damage the time stream. When Enid finally chewed him out for developing a time travel device that he did not know what to do with, David reacted by opening up a portal to travel into the past, saying he can use it to get away from her.

First, he traveled to the present time to steal things such as Batman's utility belt from the Justice League Watchtower satellite. When Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman found him in the dormitory section doing that, David opened a portal in time and traveled to 1879, where he arrived six months ahead of the Justice League members, only to be ambushed by Tobias Manning, who stole the Chronos Suit and used it to steal future technology in order to take over the town of Elkhorn from its sheriff Ohiyesa Smith. Tobias kept David in prison only to live long enough to teach him how to use the Chronos Suit. The Justice League members later arrived and broke both David and local card shark Bat Lash out of prison, and were soon joined by other heroes of that time period, including Ohiyesa Smith, El Diablo, and Jonah Hex. After a fight in which the heroes disabled all of Manning's stolen future technology, Ohiyesa got the Chronos Belt back from Manning, but David quickly grabbed it and opened a portal that brought him back to his own future time. While in that future time, besides stealing valuable historical buildings to place all over Gotham City, David also updated his Chronos Suit, now calling himself Chronos, and gave the Jokerz gang upgraded abilities and weapons for the purpose of protecting the Gotham City that he now ruled over as king in order to show his wife he could amount to something. However, much to his wife's chagrin, David had her mother trapped somewhere due to the displeasure of his wife actually agreeing with her opinions about himself.[1]

The Justice League members followed Chronos into the future through the same time portal, only to be confronted with the Jokerz gang -- and some future-era heroes like Terry McGinnis, War Hawk, and an older Static giving their arrivals protection and assistance. However, Chronos discovered that Chucko had tipped off Terry McGinnis about the location of the arriving Justice League heroes and had him summarily punished by transporting him to the age of the dinosaurs just before a meteor caused their annihilation. After dismissing the rest of the Jokerz with the threat of also sending them there, David tried to enjoy some quiet time alone with his wife Enid, but eventually the feeling that nothing he ever did could please his wife got the better of him and soon left her to sleep alone in the Elkhorn prison cell that he placed inside a Roman coliseum.

When Enid brought the heroes to the place David was sleeping, he quickly transported the Jokerz gang to run as interference while time rifts began to open up and other anomalies appeared, such as French revolutionaries with muskets and a rampaging mammoth. Batman tried to get David's attention that the anomalies are causing history to erase itself. Realizing that he has the power to fix things, David created a portal to travel to the beginning of time where he could do a whole lot more, even become a god. Green Lantern and Batman followed David into the portal and grabbed him before he could reach the beginning of time, with Batman inserting a disc into the Chronos Belt that contained a program that would disable its power. As the program uploaded, everything began to fade to black as the two heroes and Chronos slowed their approach to the hand waiting at the dawn of time.

And the next thing David knew, he was back at the moment where his wife chewed him out for developing a time travel device that he did not know what to do with, and every David reacted by trying to opening up a portal to travel into the past, it instead repeated that same moment...over and over and over.[2]



  • Chrono Suit
    • Chronokinesis: Chronos' Chrono Suit allows him to travel through time, forwards or backwards. He can also do this on a smaller scale such as rusting through a vault door.[1]
    • Teleportation: Chrono Suit also allows him to travel at any locations as he desires.

  • This version of the character is exclusive to the continuity of the DC Animated Universe and is an adaptation of David Clinton/Chronos. The original character was created by Gardner Fox and Gil Kane and first appeared in Atom #3.
  • Chronos was voiced by Peter MacNicol.
  • Two versions of Chronos appeared within the DC Animated Universe stories. One that only appeared in the DCAU comic books and the other that only appeared on the Justice League Unlimited animated show. In the comics, Chronos was very close to the New Earth version of the character. The television version though diverged significantly.

    There was no overlap of the stories using Chronos, the comic stories were published in 2002 and early 2003 while the TV episodes aired in 2005. The episodes made no mention of the comics.
  • David enjoys being called Lord Chronos.[2]



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