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Typhoon is a supervillain with elemental powers who frequently fought Firestorm (Jason/Ronnie).

David Drake was born the son of Jim Drake and Nancy Conway. When David was six years old his father was lost at sea. After graduation he joined the Navy and met Marilyn Levenson, who he would marry. Drake was discharged from the navy after assaulting an admiral who had slept with his wife. David studied engineering at Boston University and briefly worked alongside Doctor Stephen Shin at the Marine Institute before transferring to Concordance Research. After the birth of their second child Marilyn divorced David causing him to be greatly depressed.[1]

David was approached by the director of the Department of Metahuman Affairs who wanted David to work for the shadowy organization, David agreed to work for the organization if his children had their educations paid for, which they did. David was ordered to carry on with his research at Concordance where a nuclear explosion at sea activated his meta gene. His physiology changed drastically and he gained the power to create storms that he had control over.[1]

The Director of the department gave David the name Typhoon and assigned him to play the role of a super-villain to test his new powers. He used his various confrontations with the hero Firestorm to master his powers and gain contacts in the metahuman underworld.[1] During the Crime Syndicate's invasion of Earth David went undercover in the Society of Super-Villains.[2]

After revealing his role as a government agent to his son, the department blamed Typhoon for a hurricane that killed 25 people, later being known as Hurricane Drake. Due to the hurricane Drake lost contact with his family making him depressed once again which made him seek out battles with Firestorm against the departments orders. He later attacked fellow department agent the Puppeteer after learning he had a role in psychological reconditioning the department put him through. He went on to recruit fellow Firestorm enemy Moonbow into the agency, and the two worked as undercover partners in the super-villain world.[1]

Eventually a "Superman Theory" sprung up, which picked fault at the fact such a huge percent of the world's metahumans were American, believing that the government were manufacturing metahumans. This put super-heroes and villains in a bad light, forcing villains including Typhoon and Moonbow to go underground. During a villain meeting the Joker arrived with two new villains- Mime and Marionette, and had the Batman tied to a chair. The villains then came under attack by the Comedian who shot and killed Typhoon. Moonbow retrieved David's body and transferred it to the Gotham morgue.[1]



  • David was born on the 2nd of February in 1976.[1]
  • David's agent number was FL294-1981,[1] a reference to his first appearance in Flash 294, cover-dated Feb. 1981.



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