David Drayson, alias Slingshot is a psychotic and a cop-killer, he is one of Green Arrow's most dangerous opponents. He was poor young man fixed with slings, who grew up in the area known as Swamp in Star City. Over the years, Drayson grew to hate the police whom he saw as symbol of persecution. After he killed a police officer he was sentenced to life imprisonment but he escaped and took the name of Slingshot.

When pole-vaulter George Taylor III's vaulting pole snaps, Black Canary saves him and questions the attendant who was paid to saw through the pole. But the attendant is killed by an arrow that throws a rainbow of colors before he can reveal who employed him. When Dinah brings the arrow to Oliver Queen, he deduces the murder as the work of the Rainbow Archer. In turn, the Rainbow Archer is being employed by the mysterious villain Slingshot to strike at Daily Star editor George Taylor Jr.. through his son, in revenge for backing a political candidate Slingshot wanted defeated. In disguise, Black Canary staves off another murder attempt on young Taylor and brings down the Rainbow Archer. But Slingshot knocks her down with a metal ball thrown at her forehead, and Oliver Queen switches to his Green Arrow identity and seeks vengeance.[1]

He took a job with Boss Barney Breed a Star City crimelord that Green Arrow was trying to bring to justice for years. Green Arrow defeated the two and they were arrested.Green Arrow trails Slingshot to the office of Boss Breed, and captures Breed but fails to nab Slingshot. However, fingerprints left by Slingshot on a doorknob prove him to be David Drayson, a cop-killing psychotic. Green Arrow follows up Slingshot, again failing to catch him in their next encounter, but finally bringing him down in their next meeting.[2]

Star City Assassin

Later, Oliver Queen was sentenced to prison for refusing to reveal who the judge's informant was. When Oliver Queen and other prisoners are transferred for a time to another jail, Slingshot, causes a power failure that frees the cons from their cells. Queen dons a handkerchief mask and improvises a bow and arrows, saving the guards from the prisoners. Slingshot has gone after ex-gang boss Barney Breed, but Green Arrow has a showdown with his old foe and beats him. Gratefully, Breed tells Green Arrow that Morgan Thorpe put out the contract on his life.[3]

Slingshot was later hired, Mrs. Hollinger, to kidnap Black Canary to get Green Arrow's attention. Oliver is captured and Mrs. Hollinger reveals that she is the mother of Richard Hollinger, a sniper Green Arrow killed. He managed to get free and shoot an arrow at Slingshot, not knowing that Mrs. Hollinger had changed his arrows in the hope that he would kill Slingshot. Green Arrow took off Black Canary's gag, and she uses her Canary Cry to take down Slingshot. They are both then sent to jail.

Slingshot was later killed by Cupid. Cupid was an assassin killing off all Green Arrow's enemies as a way of sending a message to the hero of Star City.[4]




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