David Easterman and his ex-wife, Jude Easterman are the biological parents of Elaine Belloc.

He witnessed how Sandalphon took her daughter from his wife's womb.

Sandalphon was trying to make an army of archangels to storm heaven, and for this, he incubated angels in human hosts with the demiurgic power of Michael. Elaine was the only succesful angel, as all the other experiments were sterile, so Sandalphon planned to open her and take her ovaries to create more angels for him. Lucifer needed both Elaine and Michael for his own plans, so he protected them from Saldalphon. Lucifer lured David, telling him that his daughter was still alive, so he could protect her if the need arose. David confronted Sandalphon, and found his death.[1]

Later, as a ghost, David kept watching over Elaine, and whe she died to keep Lucifer alive, he was among those chosen by Lucifer to make an expedition into the Mansions of Silence in order to bring her back. He was essential in making contact with the spirits of Elaine's grannies, and worked as a compass of sorts, guiding the entire expedition to find Elaine. Elaine's and Mona's spirits where guarded by Tsuki-yomi, who destroyed David in his spirit form. He was left behind in the Mansions of Silence, and when Lucifer destroyed them he his spirit perished too.[2]



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