David Franco, known by his codename White Mask, was Selina Kyle's boyfriend when they were rookie thieves in Gotham City.

After stealing Richard Sionis' credit card to buy jewelry, the two lovers talked about moving out west to avoid the craziness that was coming to Gotham. [1]

However, after being caught by Sionis, the mob boss recruited Franco into his gang the False Face Society, getting him to fake his death and move to Europe to expand his empire. Selina, thinking she watched her boyfriend die by the Society's hand, moved on with her life, always holding a grudge against Richard Sionis.

Several years later, Selina now went by the name Catwoman, and Franco returned to Gotham City to try and usurp the Sionises as leaders of the False Face Society. Using the name "White Mask", Catwoman discovered her ex-boyfriend had faked his death to leave her and refused to save him when stuck in a standoff against the other False Face leader Roman Sionis. [2]




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