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David Fuglestad was a metahuman thug who worked for Morgan Edge.

David Fuglestad was born in Smallville, Kansas.

As an adult he began working for Morgan Edge and was given Kryptonian powers. He was sent to kill Sharon Powell, whose son Derek had mysteriously disappeared while working for Edge. He was interrupted in the act by Lois Lane, who was using Sharon as a source for a story on Edge. When he attacked Lois, her husband Superman arrived to help. David demonstrated sufficient strength and durability to fight Superman head on, but Superman eventually defeated him.

David managed to escape when Superman left to take Sharon to the hospital. He was killed for his failure by Edge's chief enforcer Leslie Larr.


  • Although it was never explicitly stated onscreen, it is likely David's powers were the result of X-Kryptonite exposure. He may or may not have been the host of a Kryptonian consciousness.



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