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| Theme = Aquaman
| Theme = Aquaman
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| Image = Aquaman Vol 7 23.1 Black Manta Textless.jpg
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| RealName = Unknown
| CurrentAlias = Black Manta
| CurrentAlias = Black Manta
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| Aliases =

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Quote1 Because if that's the only thing driving you... what happens when you do kill Aquaman? Where do you direct all of this hate then? Quote2
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Black Manta is an enemy to Aquaman and The Others.

The Others

As Kahina the Sheer was travelling to give her former teammate Ya'Wara a specific Atlantean relic of her's called the Golden Seal, Black Manta intercepted and killed Kahina, and took the Seal. He then vows to kill her entire family before getting his revenge on Aquaman.[1] It is revealed through flashbacks that Aquaman created a team known as the Others (forged of six Atlantean relics from the Dead King's tomb), who are trying to catch Black Manta, but they fail and Black Manta escapes. Black Manta goes after Aquaman's former teammate Prisoner-of-War next in Heidelberg.[2] It is also revealed that Aquaman killed Black Manta's father by accident for Manta attacking Aquaman's father. Seeking revenge, Black Manta will attempt to kill all of Aquaman's family (whose Aquaman's son was murdered) and friends. When Black Manta chases Prisoner-of-War, he is confronted by Aquaman in a battle.[3] During the attack, Black Manta steals one of Ya'Wara's Atlantean relics and teleports to meet Stephen Shin, Aquaman's former friend.[4] Black Manta tasers Mera and and pulls Shin to teleport away with him. Meanwhile, the Others are reunited and discover that there is a seventh Atlantean relic in the Dead King's tomb. Manta has Shin captive in the Dead King's tomb to find the seventh relic. They then locate the seventh relic in the Dead King's throne.[5] Manta prepares to kill Shin, but is thwarted when Aquaman and the Others attack his henchmen. Black Manta kills Vostok-X and escapes with the relic scepter. After Vostok-X's death, Aquaman, through tears, swears that he is going to kill Manta for this.[6] Black Manta delivered the relic scepter to an as-of-yet-unknown Atlantean, who was revealed to be the Atlantean that hired him, but the Others springed in and attacked. The mysterious Atlantean managed to grab the relic scepter and escaped, while Black Manta is to battle the Others. When Black Manta is defeated, Aquaman spares his life for the time being reasonable for the Others after he refuses Black Manta's vengeance wanting to be killed. Black Manta and his henchmen are taken away by the authorities.[7] While in Belle Reve Prison, Black Manta refused to join Amanda Waller's Suicide Squad.[8].

Forever Evil

When the Crime Syndicate came to Earth thru Pandora's Box, all prison systems was opened allowing the criminals to escape.[9] Black Manta went to the grave of his father. But when Ultraman moved the moon to block the sun, it cause a tidal wave that swept open his father's grave. This angered Black Manta who now goes to the Crime Syndicate looking for revenge. [10] After retrieving Black Adam's body from the ocean, Black Manta meets up with Lex Luthor, the Kryptonian clone that Lex Luthor created, and Captain Cold where he tells them what Ultraman's actions did to his father's grave. Lex Luthor realizes that with the help of his Kyptonian clone, Black Adam, Black Manta, and Captain Cold, he may be able to stop the Crime Syndicate.[11]

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  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Black Manta was trained to fight by his father from an early age. He's honed his skill over the years fighting Aquaman. He could cut a man's through with a coin.
  • Weaponry: Black Manta has a large arsenal of both underwater and above water weaponry. He's even used Aquaman's trident with proficiency, choosing it over his own helm.


  • Black Manta has three long scars across his face.



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