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Quote1 Friends for years--your dad never really took me seriously. Not like you, Joseph... which is why you mean the world to me... Quote2
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David "Dave" Isherwood was a war and special operations ally of Deathstroke. He was the developer of the Ikon Suit, and the lover of Slade's son Jericho during his tenure as Doctor Ikon.

David first met Slade in the army shortly after he became a mercenary and saved Slade on a UN peacekeeper mission as well as Joseph later. Since then, he became Slade's weapons designer, notably his old Promethium Suit. David also continously developed various Ikon Suits as well as become a devouted Catholic.[1]

Deathstroke Inc.

Several decades later, shortly after giving the prototype Ikon suit to Slade, Slade discovered David's loving relationship with his son Joseph. He felt betrayed that one of his closest friends and a man that Joseph had known as an uncle was dating him and Slade attacked David and beat him badly.[2] He was hospitalized and supposedly died.

It was revealed that prior to his death, Dave had been experimented on by Dr. Villain using Slade's blood in an attempt to make a new super formula serum to save him, which seemingly didn't work. However, the serum was activated after death and turned him into a brutish monster. Wanting revenge on Slade, he wore Deathstroke's old costume and hunted him down. He then revealed that it wasn't Slade who had killed him, as he had survived the fight, but Jericho who had pushed David off the building during a moment of insecurity. David also revealed to Slade that it was really Adeline who had manipulated Slade into wearing the Ikon Suit.[3]

After this encounter, Slade started going crazy and hallucinating Wintergreen so David returned again to help Defiance take him down and send him to Arkham Asylum.[4] Shortly after this, an alternate reality counterpart of Slade arrived on Earth 0 and threatened Slade's family. At the same time, Jericho received an upgrade from Lex Luthor that made him far more powerful at the cost of his own sanity. Slade searched and asked David a favor in order to stop both problems. First, David helped Slade beat the alternate version Deathstroke. Then David confronted Jericho. They both went to space to talk and David used his technology to lock onto the energy signature to lock onto the diode powering Joseph and pull it out. He created an energy bubble around Jericho while the diode latched on to him, creating an explosion that killed David as his final sacrifice to save Joseph.[5]


  • Virus Infection: To save David's life, who was almost killed by Jericho, Dr. Villain infected him with a virus synthesized from Deathstroke and Jericho's DNA. His body's immunity system mutated to combat that virus, granting him super-powers.[3] (see Other below for bad side effects)


Other Characteristics



  • Several

  • David gave the alias "Jericho" to Joseph based on the Catholic Bible. "Jericho" was about justice breaking down strongholds.[3]