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Black Manta is a ruthless oceanic pirate, originally operating under the tutelage of his father Jesse.

After an encounter with Aquaman goes south, Jesse is trapped under some submarine equipment. Fearful of losing the only human being other than himself that he's ever cared about, Kane cries out for help to Arthur to spare Jesse's life. However, Arthur retorts that the pirates have already claimed innocent lives without mercy - and suggested he "ask the sea for mercy instead."

This sparks a personal vendetta, one which leads to him cutting deals with Ocean Master in order to acquire the high-tech Atlantean suit he needs to battle his sworn enemy. He battles Aquaman a second time, but loses due to a flaw in his armor and a well-timed attack with a chain. He leaves a historical site even more in ruins, and damages an Italian village badly before being subdued. He is later discovered floating on debris, barely alive, by a researcher obsessed with finding Atlantis. At the new lab, Kane awakens to find his rescuer attempting to repair his suit.[1]



  • Black Manta Armor: Manta wears a high-tech suit of Atlantean origin in order to battle Aquaman evenly.[1] The suit is equipped with the following:
    • Retractable Blade: Manta's suit's right arm is equipped with an Atlantean sword that can withdraw.
    • Jetpack: Manta's suit has 4 plasma thrusters, 2 on the back and 1 on each leg, which give him flight.
    • Optical Plasma Blaster: One the most powerful abilities Black Manta's suit has, is a helmet that can fire intense beams of red plasma energy from its eyes.



  • Manta Knife: David received as a family heirloom his grandfather's knife that had previously been given to his father. David's grandfather was one of the Navy's first frogmen during World War II and he was nicknamed Manta because of his stealth in the water.[1]



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