David Kim was once a Korean-American scientist who was from West Orange, New Jersey. He developed nanotechnology virus capable of regenerating tissue. His life changed when a villain known as Dr. Sugarman broke into his lab and steal the virus. The break in broke into a fight that lead to Kim being greatly injured. His life was saved when his assistant Kelly injected him with the virus he created, however the virus managed to "devour" Kelly when he laid his body on her lap.

From that day Daniel became a "Xombi" due to him being an immortal being and being able to devour others in order to live. This had lead him to come in conflict with various supernatural entities that secretly lived amongst humans for millennia in other realms called the Shadow world.

Post-Infinite Crisis

After events of Infinite Crisis where Xombi's would go adventures in an alternate timeline created by god Anansi where he was the Green Lantern. He would also team up with the Spectre along side his fiancée Dalia Rhose and his friend Julian Parker would go on to face various supernatural creatures. [1]





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