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David Knight was the elder son of Ted Knight and briefly Starman himself. After his death, he was succeeded by his brother Jack.

David Knight grew up in awe of his father Ted, the original Starman. When his father disappeared along with the rest of the Justice Society of America to fight the forces of Ragnarok, who was believed dead, David decided to follow in his footsteps as Starman. Unfortunately, he was duped by his father's old foe the Mist into fighting the then current Starman, Will Payton, whose existence David had previously been unaware of. Believing Will was a better Starman, David quit the superhero business. However, some time later, his father retired from being Starman, and he passed down to David his Gravity Rod and the family's heroic legacy. David was chosen over his younger brother, Jack Knight.[1]

David was eager to make a name for himself as Opal City's new protector. The sensation of power was intoxicating to him, and he swore to bring honor to his father's legacy. In his brief career, David foiled a mugging, a car theft and a drug deal. While patrolling the city one evening, a man known as Kyle, the son of Ted Knight's ever persistent arch-nemesis, the Mist, shot and killed David with a shot from a sniper rifle.[2] Due to this incident, his younger brother reluctantly took on the Starman mantle.

After his death, David would frequently appear as a ghost to his younger bother, communicating to him about life's trial and tribulations. Several years later, David's corpse was briefly reanimated as a Black Lantern and plotted to kill his brother Jack, but the reanimated David was imprisoned by the Shade before he could succeed.


  • Gravity Rod: The Gravity Rod was a small hand-held wand-shaped device that could harness solar energy and reconfigure it into concentrated beams of light. As it's name implies, the Gravity Rod also granted its wielder the power of flight. David's Gravity Rod was of similar design to that first used by his father during the 1940's.

  • Although it was initially believed that Ted favored David over Jack, it was later revealed that he secretly wanted Jack to inherit the mantle of Starman, not David.[citation needed]



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