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David Li was an assistant for Black Mask.

Li informed Black Mask about the activities of the new criminal called Red Hood[1] and also warned him about the risks of employing criminals like Mister Freeze.[2] Shortly after, David was contacted by Red Hood, who wanted to talk to Black Mask and inform him about the Kryptonite shipment he stole from him.[3] Li advised Black Mask to stop making deals with Red Hood, but Black Mask disregarded his comment.[4] As a result of not following Li's advice, Red Hood kept thwarting Black Mask's plans and after several attacks, Li sent two of Black Mask's best men to transport a very expensive weapon stash. Red Hood destroyed it and Li was forced to tell the bad news to his boss.[5]

A few days later, Li was listening to Black Mask rants about Red Hood when their secret hideout was attacked by Red Hood with a rocket launcher. David Li, along with his boss and a few other men managed to escape from the building before the destruction.[6]

A few days later, Black Mask found a new secret hideout to continue his operations and not long before, David Li's body was tossed inside Black Mask's new hideout. Li was dead and he had a cellphone attached to his mouth. Red Hood killed David and used the body to call Black Mask in order to offer him a deal.[7]


  • Physical fitness: David Li takes a spinning class three times a week, which allows him to run faster than the average man.[6]



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