Lieutenant David Poole was a soldier who was killed and later resurrected.

After being brought back to life by I.O., he served as part of the Numbskulls, a division of I.O. which was made of undead soldiers.

Lieutenant Poole's first assignment was to kill a general in Bosnia. The mission did not go according to plan, and an explosive inside PFC Sutcliffe activated, killing Sutcliffe, and burning off all of Sarge's flesh.

Some time later, the team decided to seek revenge for their set up, and they slaughtered several members of I.O., including Dr. Olivia Keller, an intern working for I.O. They then proceeded to hunt down those which set them up, as they wanted revenge for what happened in Bosnia.

They tried to kill John Lynch, but he was not at the location they believed he would be located at. However, Gen 13 were there, and the two groups fought each other. The Numbskulls felt overpowered, so they threw some explosives in the room and fled as the building exploded.

Gen 13 had survived the blast, and they located Kyle LaFavre, another person working on the project which brought the Numbskulls to life. This time, the Numbskulls were able to track and kill their target, despite the interference from Gen 13. During the fight, Poole was set on fire by Burnout, and the rest of the team were also defeated.

David was later resurrected yet again, much to his disappointment.


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