David Winston was the second person to adopt the Vigilante identity after Adrian Chase left it behind.

When Chase became a judge, Winston was his bailiff and he believed that the Vigilante's efforts had been noble and worthwhile. After Alan Welles had injured the Vigilante's reputation and been killed, Winston adopted the identity in attempt to show Chase that the city needed the Vigilante.

Chase eventually learned of Winston's actions and chose to wash his hands of the whole affair. Chase and his girlfriend, Marcia King, boarded a plane to Europe which was hijacked. Winston and the Peacemaker both responded to the emergency, but Winston was killed by the Peacemaker, during the conflict.

This happened right in front of Chase, who realized he could not escape the Vigilante legacy. Chase re-assumed the Vigilante identity, but his experiences with Welles and Winston damaged his fragile psyche beyond repair. He began to adopt more vicious tactics in his war on crime.


  • Though Winston's first actual appearance was in Vigilante #23, his first appearance under the guise of the Vigilante was in Vigilante #28.



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