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Quote1 What I am... was born from death. So we fight, David. We fight what's outside... it helps what's within. You're a hero. And you honor us all with your strength. Quote2
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David Zavimbe is a police officer and the former hero Batwing in the Congolese city of Tinasha.


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A young David Zavimbe

A child soldier with his brother Isaac, David was trained from a very early age in the ways of war. Taking up a gun and receiving additional training from the Army of Dawn, they soon proved themselves the most prominent soldiers the Army had to offer. General Keita saw the promise the children posed, despite their unwillingness to execute women or children, and dubbed them the Dragonflies. When the General attacked Isaac and threw him off a cliff, David struck out against the Army and survived out of an orphanage under the tutelage of Matu Ba and Rene Diallo.


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In this new timeline, David's adventures with Batman Incorporated continue, however, he focuses his efforts on the Congo and its revolutionary war with local militia groups. He apprehends the criminal Blood Tiger and learns of Massacre and his assassination attempts against members of The Kingdom. David is currently in the process of capturing the villain before he completes his quest to murder the rest of the team.

Justice League International

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Alongside Justice League International

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Batwing assists the U.N.-sponsored Justice League International when they're attacked by a terrorist group called the Burners.[1] In the hospital, he visits his old friend and ally Vixen in critical condition. He rescues Booster Gold during a fight with Lightweaver.[2] When the League is attacked by OMAC, he helps control the situation.[3] He also helps them fight rogue Firestorms in Paris.[4] They track down the Burners and lose in combat, with Batwing defeated when Intersek manipulates Booster.[5] Their leader Breakdown stages a public execution, but OMAC breaks them out and Batwing takes down Crosscut in the struggle.[6] At Rocket Red's funeral, Batwing leaves the saying he has too many duties elsewhere.[7] Despite this he helps them take down an African warlord during their last sanctioned mission.[8]





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