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David Zavimbi is the hero Batwing, a superhero based in the African nation of Mtamba but active well outside its borders. He is a member of Batman Incorporated.


David Zavimbi was a distant relative of the ruling family of Mtamba. When the last member of the ruling family, Jezebel Jet, went missing in Gotham City, the cabal of interests that controlled the country decided to choose David as their new figurehead. He promised the local oligarchs and the foreign bankers that business would continue in a friendly fashion. In return, they would allow him to live as a millionaire playboy.[1]

Batman Incorporated

Under unknown circumstances, David Zavimbi came into correspondence with the American vigilante Batman. David investigated child soldier training camps in rural Mtamba linked to the Leviathan terrorist organization. In thanks, Batman gave him a suit of powered armor, which he decided to use under the alias Batwing, "the Batman of Africa".[2] He publicly denounced Batwing's vigilante activities against corrupt officials, but his generals suspected he was hiding something, and so planned to kill him. With the help of some friends and a body double, David was able to fake his own kidnapping by Batwing, thus saving his life and throwing his enemies off the scent.[1]




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