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Davis Bloome was the son of General Zod and Faora.

Early Life

General Zod and his wife, Faora, combined their own DNA with that of the planet's strongest creatures, creating a son for themselves, who would also be the ultimate destroyer.[1]

The exact details are shrouded in mystery, but somehow his parents managed to arrange for the genetic material, which would create their son, along with the spaceship carrying Kal-El. After Kal-El's spaceship had landed in Smallville, the genetic material activated and created the body of a young boy. The boy was quickly captured by men working for Lionel Luthor, who were looking for the arrived Kal-El.[2]

The boy was taken to the Luthor Mansion and tested for a few days. When the tests came back negative, Lionel's men had the boy taken to Metropolis, where they tried to abandon him in the streets. However, the distress of being abandoned triggered a transformation in the boy and he turned into a monster, killing the men.[2] Afterwards, the boy was found and placed in foster care, given the name "Davis Bloome". However, he kept experiencing blackouts while he grew up, and ended up being sent around to different foster families.[3]

Season Eight

By 2008, Davis had become an EMT in Metropolis, where he encountered a young woman named Chloe Sullivan, whom he soon developed a fixation with. Around this period, there was also reports of a mysterious monster, running around the city and killing people. Davis soon begun to suspect that he might be the monster.[4] A suspicion that was confirmed, after a meeting with his biological mother and Brainiac.[1][5]

Davis lived in fear of the monster within himself and tried to take drugs to keep it at bay, but soon found another way to suppress the transformation. Linda Lake had learned his secret and tried to blackmail him, but he turned on her and smothered her. To his amazement, by killing people himself, he was able to keep the monster within him at bay.[6] Because of this, Davis began secretly operating as a serial killer. However, Henry James Olsen nearly exposed him, but Davis managed to drug him and made it seem like Olsen was crazy.[7]

With Olsen out of the way, Davis was able to get closer to his wife, Chloe. Due to Davis being obsessed with her, he discovered that being around her kept the monster within him at bay.[7][8] But, his secret was soon uncovered by Tess Mercer, who revealed to him that Chloe's friend, Clark, was the other Kryptonian known as Kal-El, and that Davis was seemingly destined to kill him. Not wanting to kill anyone else, Davis tried to kill himself with Kryptonite. Unfortunately, this proved futile, as Davis was simply revived afterwards.[2]

Upon returning, he was taken in and hidden by Chloe, who cooperated, to keep everyone safe. However, when Clark discovered that Davis was still alive, he tried to banish Davis to the Phantom Zone. This was prevented by Chloe, who ran away with Davis.[2] For a while they stayed hidden, until they were discovered by Green Arrow's team, who intended to kill Davis to stop Doomsday. Once more, Chloe interfered and used black Kryptonite to separate Doomsday from Davis. Afterwards, Davis was taken to a loft apartment, where he learned that Chloe still loved Olsen, who was there with them, and that she had only been with Davis to protect Clark. Enraged, Davis fatally wounded Olsen and tried to kill Chloe, but Olsen managed to use the last of his strength to kill Davis. No longer possessing his powers, Davis died permanently.[9]



  • Medical Science: Davis was an EMT and capable of administering first aid and other emergency medical services to patients.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Basic): Davis was a skilled fighter in both his human form and as Doomsday, easily overpowering humans and meta humans, with only Clark being able to overpower him in either form.


Other Characteristics

  • The character of Davis Bloome is exclusive to the continuity of the Smallville television series where he was portrayed by Sam Witwer.



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