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Davis Dusk is Rewire.


After realizing he had the ability to manipulate electricity, the troubled son of Mayor William Dusk was treated by Dr. Alan Bennett, the newly appointed head of the refurbished Arkham Asylum. Mayor Dusk was present during the re-opening of Arkham Institute when he received a phone call. As soon as Dusk answered the phone call, a bio-electrical discharge surged straight to Dusk's pacemaker. Dusk died of a cardiac arrest within seconds.

Commissioner Gordon had Detective Eric Bullock do some digging around and he came across something rather odd. The financial records of Susan Dusk, wife of the late Mayor, showed a large amount of money was being transferred monthly to a blind account for the last three years but the transfers stopped about two months ago. Bullock and Gordon questioned Susan about the money transfers. Mrs. Dusk told Barbara that the account was kept private because her husband was having therapy sessions with Dr. Bennett.

Barbara was willing to give Dr. Bennett the benefit of the doubt since their fathers were old friends. Dr. Bennett informed Barbara that the Mayor's interest in rebuilding Arkham and the therapy sessions were not meant for him, but for his son Davis.

Encountering Batman

Davis freed the inmates of Arkham Institute and with the help of Shriek, Spellbinder, and Inque and confronted Batman (Terry McGinnis). He was eventually captured and after a few months of rehabilitation, he was released from Arkham.

Second Chance

During Davis' first few weeks of freedom, he was constantly met with fear and alienation. When Davis learned about the Justice Lords coming through to his world from a parallel dimension, he figured he could get his father back and make amends for the wrongs he committed.

Davis captured Dick Grayson and sent a message to Batman. Davis wanted access to the portal that lead to the Justice Lords' dimension in exchange for Grayson's life. Grayson told Rewire that Batman would never give in and in fit of rage, Davis implanted an electro shock disc on Dick's chest. Batman arrived but Davis got the upper hand on Terry. In the end, Dick attached the electro shock disc to Rewire's chest and electro shock immobilized Davis.


  • Electrokinesis: Rewire has the ability to absorb, generate and project volumes of electrical energy of an extremely high voltage. He increases his absorbing abilities through a mixture of venom and joker toxin.



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