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Dawg was a wandering alien canine who took to following the bounty hunter Lobo around.

Lobo tolerated the mutt but had little patience for anyone who referred to it as his dog.[1]

Although he appeared like a normal Earth bulldog, Dawg had extraterrestrial roots, explaining his ability to articulate, a characteristic he seldom displayed.[citation needed] Dawg hung around with Lobo for several of his jobs, but the two parted company many years ago. Dawg was distinguished by his iron cross dog collar and the fact that he was usually seen with a band aid on his face.

Dawg was stomped to death by Lobo when he became possessed by the Neural Djinn. Lobo donated the body to a freak show, displayed in a cabinet labelled, Intergal Taxidermy.[2]

However, "Dawg" later appeared alongside Lobo when he was hired to stage a fight against Atrocitus. Dawg tried to attack Dex-Starr but retreated after he was blasted by rage plasma.[3]


  • Dawg featured in The Ratties, a series of internal comic strips throughout the Lobo P.I. storyline.[4][5]