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Dawg is an alien pet dog belonging to the interterrestial bounty-hunter Lobo.

While Lobo was on hunt for capturing bounties on the heads of prisoners imprisoned in the spaceship Deluxenburg Four,he and Dawg encountered Harley Quinn. The three crash-landed on the planet Thanatos after the ship exploded and damaged Lobo's Spacehog, but Dawg rescued Harley from drowning.[1]

On Thanatos, Dawg took a liking to Harley while Lobo would risk his life many times to protect himself from any danger much to Harley's annoyance, though he also saved him from a monster. They would be later captured by another bounty-hunter named Captain Conroy and his underlings. They would however soon escape and be transported to Earth thanks to the Kryptonian transportation orbs Harley had used earlier, before Conroy destroyed the whole planet.[1]



  • Smoking: Often, Dawg has being seen smoking Lobo's cigars for pleasure.