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Dawlakispokpok was a former Guardian who left his fellow Guardians and raised a family with his Zamaron wife in obscurity.

In his distaste of Krona for introducing an entropic wave to the universe and causing a billion years of potential life to be lost from the universe, Dawlakispokpok along with his wife, Thwarcharchura, attempted to rewrite history and destroy Krona before he could unleash evil upon the universe. The two planned to destroy Krona by using a large device to place him at the last moments of the known universe where his existence would be destroyed by total entropy, but his methods threatened the fabric of time and he was opposed by the Guardian, Ganthet, Green Lantern, and Percival. In the ensuing fight, he was killed when the entropic wave of his machine spilled into the current timeline and engulfed his body.


  • Maltusian Physiology: The Guardians are living reservoirs of cosmic energy. Dawlakispokpok has the ability to manipulate the emotional spectrum of energy that is willpower. The Guardians formerly called this power the "Glow". Dawlakispokpok generates this ability naturally and it is capable of all of the same effects as a Green Lantern power ring. This includes the ability to absorb and project great expenditures of energy as well as the power to create hard-light energy constructs.