Dawn Driscoll was the mother of Cody Driscoll and lived in a trailer park in Cosmos, Colorado.

More than sixteen years ago, Dawn became the subject of an insidious alien plot by the H'San Natall to genetically breed sleeper agents into the human population. She gave birth to her human/alien hybrid son, Cody on June 21st. Thanks to the H'San Natall efforts, Dawn retained no memory of this event for many years.[2]

Cody eventually grew up and became a member of the Teen Titans. Following the "Coming Out" affair, Cody returned to the trailer park and told his mother everything that had happened to him. He also told her the truth about her alien abduction and the forced insemination that led to Cody's birth.[3]

Dawn later went on a television talk show called "Redondo" and publicly revealed how she had been impregnated by aliens. [4]


Riskmobile: This $230,000 turquoise Ferrari was given to Dawn Driscoll by her son Cody in the hopes that she would sell it to help out with her financial straits.



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