Dawn Stiles was a narcissistic student at Smallville High, who was obsessed with becoming prom queen.

However, the day before the prom, her boyfriend dumped her (having grown tired of her high pitched voice). Afterwards, Dawn grabbed a yearbook and went out looking for a replacement boyfriend, for the prom. However, while driving towards the Kent Farm, she failed to pay attention to the road and drove off it. Dawn's car crashed right next to Green Kryptonite, which mutated her.[1]

Her body being critically injured, Dawn's astral form left her body and returned to the road, where Martha Kent drove right through her. Causing Dawn to possess Martha. She later switched and took over the body of Lana Lang, which she used to try and kill her ex-boyfriend. To get away, she transferred her consciousness and went to the Smallville Medical Center, where her original body had been taken and took over the body of a nurse. Seeing her real body disfigured, Dawn was disgusted and killed it.[1]

A few hours later, Dawn transferred herself into the body of Lois Lane and went to the prom with Clark Kent. When Chloe Sullivan was made prom queen, Dawn transferred herself into Chloe's body. However, when she began to praise Dawn Stiles in her acceptance speech, Dawn discovered how much the students of the school hated her.[1]

Enraged, Dawn decided to burn down the school and everyone in it. But, she was stopped by Clark, who had figured out what was going on. Dawn transferred herself into Clark's body, but Clark had been prepared for that and had arranged for Jonathan Kent to use Kryptonite against her. With the Kryptonite causing her pain, due to being inside of Clark's body, Dawn's astral form was expelled from Clark's body. No longer having a host and with her original body dead, there was nothing to anchor her consciousness and her astral form dissolved.[1]


  • Possession[1]
  • Astral Projection: Originally, Dawn was able to project herself out side of her own body. She seemingly lost this ability, when her original body died.[1]


  • Narcissism[1]



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