Dax-Baron was a Kryptonian soldier in a time when Krypton was divided.

Due to possessing the Vara gene, Dax volunteered to undergo a process that would make him invulnerable and help win the war. the experiment was headed by Van-Zod and Wedna-El, who put Dax through numerous, lethal trials, resurrecting him until he adapted to each scenario. This, however, caused Dax to become heavily scarred and disfigured. The process continued even after Krypton had been united by Jo-Man, with Wedna claiming that there will always be another war. Dax's wife, Enaj, attempted to free her husband, only to find the monster he had become, causing her to run away. Some time after this, Dax was now commonly referred to as "Doomsday" and was locked away in a vault beneath Krypton.

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  • Genetic Adaptability: Dax-Baron possesses a unique gene that makes him able to become invulnerable to anything that has ever killed him.


  • Monstrous Appearance: After his transformation Dax has lost his humanoid appareance for that of a grey-skinned colossus.



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