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Daxton Chill was a member of We Are Robin under the name DaxAtax.

A student at Miller Valley Technical High School, Daxton "Dax" Chill is a seventeen year old mechanic with discipline problems. Rarely attending school, Dax showed a lack of initiative in his school work but proficiency in car mechanics. A fan of hardcore rock and NASCAR, Dax's parents aren't in the picture so between school and work he spends his time with his friends in We Are Robin.


  • Mechanical Aptitude: Dax is a proficient mechanic who chooses to spend his time fixing cars rather than learning from books at school. He was one of the only members of We Are Robin to defuse a bomb correctly.

  • Dax's father is missing, his mother has frequent migraines due to her alcoholism.
  • Dax favors using a wrench when he fights.



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