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Night Nurse

The Case of the Very Long Stairway is an episode of season 1 of Dead Boy Detectives. It premiered on April 25, 2024.

Synopsis for "The Case of the Very Long Stairway"

Appearing in "The Case of the Very Long Stairway"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Charles Rowland's murderers (Unnamed) (Flashback only) (Cameo)
  • The Principal (Unnamed) (Behind the scenes)
    • Night Nurse (Flashback and main story)
      • Lost & Found Department (Cameo)
  • Demons
    • David (As a spirit)
      • David's Host (Unnamed) (Possessed)
    • Spider-like Creature (Unnamed) (First full appearance)
  • Esther Finch
  • Misery Wraiths (Cameo)

Other Characters:


  • The Afterlife
    • Lost & Found Department HQ (Cameo)
  • Crystal Palace's Mindscape/"The Safe Place"
  • The Gray Realm (First appearance; unnamed)
  • Heaven (Flashback and main story) (Behind the scenes)
  • Hell
    • The Circles of Hell (In picture only)
      • The First Circle of Hell/Limbo (First appearance)
      • The Second Circle of Hell/Lust (First appearance)
      • The Third Circle of Hell/Gluttony (Real name revealed) (First full appearance)
        • The Dollhouse (Real name revealed) (First full appearance)
  • Waking World/"Mortal Plane"


  • Cage Bracelet (Mentioned only)
  • Cursed 8 Ball (Cameo)
  • Despair's Hook
  • Kashina's Ring
  • Night Nurse's Book



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  • The cries of the children in the Limbo are references to the First Circle of Hell being the space reserved for those children souls who died before being baptised in Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.
  • Despair of the Endless was first seen in The Sandman episode, "The Doll's House".

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