Dead Water is a predatory possessing entity that hails from an alien planetary system composed entirely out of water, and a threat to Aquaman. It is a mutative agent which alters anything or anyone possessing a negative mindset into a vicious sea creature with a tendency to act out upon their subconscious Id, while their conscious mind is relegated to passenger. Dead Water's first appearance was during the New 52 when rig worker Jonah Payne first became afflicted by the Dead Water symbiote. In Rebirth the true origins of Dead Water came to light when special agents Laurence Quinn and Arni Ajar came to Aquaman alongside the Aquamarines after it turned up again in the Gulf of New Mexico. In the Dark Nights: Metal Event, The Drowned makes use of similar creatures who serve her beck and call and can be summoned from the Dark Multiverse using her hydrokinetic dark water as a conduit. They can also twist and convert others into her legion by infecting them.

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