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Deadline is a metahuman assassin. He was an enemy of Starman, and a member of the Killer Elite, an elite assassin team.

The man who would become the killer known as Deadline, began his life as a freelance assassin to criminal families in America. When the Dominators detonated their Gene-bomb on Earth, Deadline's metagene was activated, and gave him increased durability and reflexes as well as the power to pass through physical objects. Equipped with high-tech gear, he became one of the nation's leading assassins.[citation needed]

While in Las Vegas, Deadline accepted a contract on Starman which resulted in a great deal of damage to the Vegas Strip. He suffered a radiation burn on his left hand due to this battle with Starman that fueled Deadline's hatred and led to them clashing many times after. He was rumored to be one of the best, and highest paid super-mercenaries, along with Bolt.[citation needed]

Suicide Squad

He was recruited into the Suicide Squad, tasked with propping up a dictatorship on the island of Diablo Verde in the Bermuda Triangle. His team terrorized civilians for fun until Amanda Waller neutralized Deadline when the Squad attempted to remove the dictator.[citation needed]

Underworld Unleashed

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Along with fellow mercenaries Deadshot, Bolt, Merlyn, and Chiller, Deadline was a founding member of the Killer Elite, a supergroup of assassins.[citation needed]

He was hired by King Thesily of Poseidonis to assassinate Aquaman. During the battle he managed to get Aquaman out of the ocean and into the sky, where Deadline had the advantage, but still he failed to kill his target.[1] He was also contracted to eliminate Steel which he also failed to accomplish.[citation needed]

Joker's Last Laugh

While attempting to aid in an escape from Iron Heights with cohorts Deadshot and Merlyn, the jokerized Deadline was seemingly shot and killed by Warden Wolfe. Because he was under the influence of Joker's chemicals at the time, abnormal healing properties allowed Deadline to recover slowly, only to be gravely injured once again when he and several other assassins stupidly went gunning for his former Killer Elite teammate Deadshot.[citation needed]





  • Aero Discs: Anti-gravitational disks for the use of personal flight.[citation needed]




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